OrganAssist is a free Windows sequencer providing a simple way of recording MIDI and editing music played on classical (church) organs.  This software works with both digital organs and pipe organs equipped with a MIDI interface. A unique feature of this program is that you can play back any recording on any other organ including all expression and registration.

The new version (2.7) was released in June 2015.  It includes many bug fixes, improved usability, new features and full support for Hauptwerk 4.2

***  Work is nearly complete to build OrganAssist as an App for Mac – this will be made available shortly after the release of MacOS Sierra ***

This software has been designed to work with many manufacturers including Content, Johannus, Makin, Musicom, Rodgers, Solid State, Viscount, Wyvern and others. 

Take a look at this demonstration video on YouTube

You can use the menu above learn about more features, read the User Manual or download the program and any updates for free.

Record entire services with a single click


Create play lists – change the number of verses


Edit pieces including registration


Translate pieces for many other organs