OrganAssist is available to download freely. To help other users, please share any organ layouts you create (particularly for any Hauptwerk organs). I will make any contributions available below. For example – I have provided a file for the PAB Gravissimo organ but without any MIDI Data. If someone with this Hauptwerk organ could use OrganAssist to “learn” the data – this file could be updated to save other people work.

Toccata2Already someone has sent me a working layout for a Viscount Toccata 2. They also provided a screen shot showing how they used a photo of the organ as a background. Very impressive!

OrganAssist is available in English, French and Portugese. The languages are held in simple text files stored in the OrganAssist folder. If you feel able, could you correct these or add new languages – there are clear instructions in the text files on how to do this. I will make any language corrections/additions available to download below.

OrganAssist is maintained in my spare time. I will try to resolve any problems and am happy to attempt developing OrganAssist to support new manufacturers if necessary. Please use the Contact Page to give feedback or ask any questions.

Windows Installer

To install OrganAssist, download the Full Installer (2.7.50) – Filesize 14MB

Users of earlier versions of OrganAssist (2.5 and before) should backup all data files and uninstall the previous version before proceeding.  Please refer to the User Manual.

Windows SmartScreen Warning As an independent developer I do not have the resources to certificate the program installer and so users of recent versions of Windows may get a warning message “Windows protected your PC”. If you click on More Info and the Run Anyway, OrganAssist should install correctly.

You can download the User Manual – PDF File

You can read the list of changes since Version 2.5 here – Release Notes

Mac OS Installer

A beta test of OrganAssist 2.8 which has been tested on both El Capitan and Sierra is now available

Visit the Beta Test page for further information.

Updated or new organs layouts

To use a new organ layout just copy the downloaded file into your Documents/OrganAssist/Organs folder and restart OrganAssist