Automatically record multiple tracks with no action at the computer.  OrganAssist automatically starts and stops and saves each piece as a separate track.


Use the simple “piano roll” style interface to edit tracks with no need for knowledge of MIDIEditing
OrganAssist enables you to:

Add, move, amend and delete notes
Move and delete individual registration changes
Remove/modify expression movements
Record additional registration changes during playback
Copy, paste, insert and delete sections of the track
Multi-level Undo
Optionally make tempo changes


OrganAssist will automatically play back any recording on any other supported organ.  TranslateNo knowledge of MIDI is required.

You can import existing MIDI recordings for editing and playback on different instruments.

OrganAssist has been designed from the ground up to allow full portability of recorded music across all instruments. To achieve this OrganAssist contains a “Virtual Organ” that is capable of generating MIDI data in real time.This is designed to deal with all the technical details of playing the selected instrument.

To translate stop changes, OrganAssist contains a “Virtual Organist” which attempts to re-create the original performance using the stops available on the current organ. This may involve substituting or ignoring registration changes. Every time a stop is changed, the Virtual Organist logic recalculates the registration as a whole and then makes any changes required.  This is done in “real-time” whenever a stop is changed during playback.

Support for Hauptwerk Version 4 (4.1 and 4.2)

The list of pre-configured organs includes:

Aix-en-Provence, St. Sauveur – Ducroquet-CColl
Cappel – Arp Schnitger
Champaign,Grace Lutheran – Casavant
Chicago, Mt Carmel – Skinner
Brescia, St Carlo – Antegnati
Caen, St Etienne – Cavaille-Coll
(Versions1, 2, 2.5 and Ext)
Ditfurt, St. Bonifatius – Roever
Grosshartmannsdorf – Silbermann
Groton, St Bartholemew – Willis
Haverhill, Old Independent – Binns
(Mini, Standard, Extended)
Hereford Cathedral – Willis
(23, 46, 67, 67XL)
Kampen, Bovenkerk – Hinsz
(Volumes 1,2 & 3)
Laeken, Notre Dame – Schyven/Van-Bever
Little Waldingfield, St Lawrence – Hart
(Versions 1 and 2)
Metz, Notre Dame – Cavaille-Coll
(Standard, Extended)
Metz, St Eucaire-Cavaille-Col
Moseley, St Annes – Brindley & Foster
Oosterwijtwerd – Muller
Rötha, St-Georgenkirche – Silbermann
Salisbury Cathedral – Willis
(Volumes 1, 2 and 3)
Silver Octopus – Willis Studio 70
South Suffolk Organ
University of Illinois – Buzard

Major Manufacturers

OrganAssist has specific software to deal with the unique requirements of different MIDI systems.  Version 2.8 now has support for:

Classic Organ Works
Hauptwerk 4.2
Johannus / Makin – pre 2000
Johannus / Makin – MIDI Programmable
Solid State – circa 2000
Solid State – circa 2010

For other manufacturers – some will work with the “Generic Organ” option at the top of the manufacturer list.  Otherwise – please contact me if you would like to work with me to add your system to the list.  Usually this involves a few emails from you with the details and a couple of days work for me…

More Information

For more detailed information about OrganAssist – read the User Manual online or download it as a PDF